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Amusnet Announces Partnership With Mr. Gamble
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Amusnet Announces Partnership With Mr. Gamble

Amusnet, a leading gaming provider, has joined forces with Mr. Gamble, a renowned casino comparison portal. The management at both companies expects this partnership to redefine the industry standards by synergising Amusnet’s innovative gaming solutions with Mr. Gamble’s extensive analysis capabilities.

Providers and affiliates generally collaborate, from traditional marketing agreements to more integrated partnerships involving collective branding and delivering one-of-a-kind content. Mr. Gamble's vast professional background in these matters allows partners like Amusnet to brainstorm potential strategies which aim to maximise mutual growth and player enjoyment.

"Our collaboration with Amusnet goes beyond conventional boundaries. We combine our insights and offerings to create a truly unique gaming experience. This is our shared vision for the future of online gaming," states Paul Puolakka, Mr. Gamble's CMO.

Paul Puolakka, Mr. Gamble's CMO.

*Paul Puolakka, Mr. Gamble's CMO

"Mr. Gamble’s expertise in audience engagement and setting market trends, together with our global experience and our wide top-notch portfolio, will open the door to expanded opportunities and enhanced player satisfaction in various markets," remarks Amusnet's CMO, Liliya Chatalbasheva.

Adapting and proactively foreseeing trends is paramount in an ever-evolving gaming industry. Amusnet's joint venture with Mr. Gamble underscores this principle and showcases how cooperation and innovation are essential for staying ahead in a competitive setting. By joining forces, the two leading companies demonstrate a commitment to leveraging their combined proficiency, resources, and awareness to anticipate and meet the evolving needs of players and platforms alike. Together, they are to set the stage for continued success and growth in the dynamic world of online gaming.


About Mr. Gamble

Mr. Gamble is a leading affiliate in the online gaming industry, known for its comprehensive reviews, player insights, and commitment to responsible gaming. The company’s efforts in the realm of player education and safety have earned it multiple industry awards, including Best Bonus Affiliate of the Year, Branding of the Year, and others. Mr. Gamble works with numerous casinos and betting companies across several continents, helping them set up their shop and market their operations in different gambling jurisdictions.