Yordan Georgiev shares insights about the future of slots in an interview with G3 Newswire

Back in 2018, Yordan Georgiev joined the igaming industry as a Senior Project Manager. In the subsequent five years, Amusnet Interactive’s Head of Casino Division believes the industry has become increasingly saturated, placing extra importance on the need to differentiate content through advanced features and animations.

In a nutshell, what are 2023’s slot trends?

Games with features that provide players with a real sense of excitement through animations and extra win effects will continue to be a trend in the industry. Additionally, different bonus modes that give players a specific goal are also on the rise.

What have been the most meaningful innovations in the market since 2018?

Players are particularly drawn to the Buy Bonus and Megaways features. These exciting additions have become increasingly popular among players and are а tool in driving growth and engagement in the online slots market.

How have new technologies changed the way slots are developed and played?

New technologies enable us to create more visually appealing graphics, animations, and higher-quality symbols. This results in a better player experience, which is crucial for retaining customers and gaining market share.

What games have you taken most pride in seeing succeed, and why?

Our first in-house slot 20 Golden Coins, which we created in 2020. Despite its simple concept, the features are great and exciting. Bonus Coins for example is a brand-new feature triggered when “Coin” symbols with different values land on the reels, and the “Collect” symbol lands on the fifth one. The game grants a player with the winning value from all landed coins added in the piggy bank. It is performing exceptionally well in all of our markets, and this motivates me and my team to continue innovating and creating great products.

How has the methodology for creating game portfolios changed?

Our team creates roadmaps based on data analysis that we perform across different territories. We rely heavily on our Data Analysis team to identify what will meet the needs of markets where we are already established. Additionally, when creating products for new markets, we rely again on data analysis to foresee trends and opportunities.

What game themes have remained popular, which have blended in the background, and have any new themes come to the fore in recent years?

Fruit games have been and will continue to be popular for at least the next decade. Additionally, Egypt-themed games have also been well-received by players.

How has the importance of bonus games changed?

Games with additional features are incredibly popular among players who are eager see results and do not want to wait for them. Which is why the Buy Bonus feature is a popular addition that allows players to quickly access and play exciting bonus games.

How has RTP shifted – and have these changes been to the advantage or detriment of players?

Changes in Return to Player rates have been in favour of the players, ensuring a more equitable distribution of winnings and making games more appealing to players.

Are mechanics as engaging as they can possibly be?

Mechanics are one of the most critical elements of any online slot game. While the design of a game is the first iteration between the player and the game, if the mechanics are not engaging, players will not return to the game. Therefore, creating engaging structure is of utmost importance in designing successful online slots games.

Finally, how do you see online slots industry evolving over the coming years?

From my perspective AI can bring some good ideas in the slot industry and this is something that will change a lot of things. It will enable us to create more personalized and engaging gaming experiences, ultimately leading to increased player retention and satisfaction. The use of new technologies such as virtual and augmented reality is also expected to further enhance the immersive nature of online slots on the look-out for more exciting and interactive gaming experiences.