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Interview Nikola Georgiev Amusnet
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Amusnet set to be one of the top providers in the booming Argentinean iGaming Market

  1. The Argentinean online gaming market has grown significantly in the last months, thanks to the regulation of very important provinces in economic terms, such as the City and Province of Buenos Aires, Entre Ríos, Córdoba, Mendoza… How has the company been able to capitalize this growth, and how do you expect to grow in local presence in 2023?

    Argentina is a key market for us since the regulation took place at the end of 2021. Therefore, we wanted to prepare properly to enter the market and fulfil all local financial and technical requirements. As a result, I can say that we are on the final step to expanding our business here. We managed to certify a batch of more than 70 games for Argentina, which is already live in Buenos Aires Province. We are expecting our registration in LOTBA in the next few weeks and have already observed and prepared technically for the new Provinces like Cordoba and Mendoza. Amusnet ambition is to be one of the top providers in Argentina by the end of 2023.
  2. Can Argentine bettors find the company’s games in any of the online operators that currently offer its platforms in the country?

    Currently, Argentinian players can find our games exclusively on the Betsson platform in Buenos Aires Province. For the past 6 months, since we are live in the Province, we can see a big interest in our portfolio of games which were already popular among the players from the land-based local casinos. Games like “20 Hot Blast”, “Secret of Alchemy”, and “40 Super Hot” are quite preferred by the locals. As I mentioned, the players from Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Mendoza, San Luis and other provinces will be able to enjoy our games too very soon.
  3. Based on your international experience, what characteristics and difficulties does Latin America offer for online game developers? What are the main challenges to grow in the region?

    The main challenge is still the lack of regulation. Currently, there are only a few regulated countries in Latin America. There is a long way to go if we compare Latin America to Europe, where the online gaming sector already has more than 20 years of experience. I am optimistic for the near future in the region. We can see now that most countries, like Brazil, Peru, Chile, etc., want to regulate the industry, which is a positive sign. On the other hand, all operators and vendors must adapt their products to the taste of the local players. It is crucial to value local preferences if we want to succeed.
  4. How do you think the opening of Brazil as a regulated market for online gaming and sports betting can affect Latin America?

    I hope this year we will finally see regulation in Brazil. It will benefit everyone interested. Brazil as a country will be able to gather taxes from the industry and open plenty of new workplaces to stimulate the local economy. The operators and providers will be able to compete equally with certain rules. Of course, not in the last place, the players will continue to receive entertainment in fully safe and responsible environment. In a business perspective, Brazil is the biggest country in Latin America, with more than 200 million population and number 1 in GDP on the continent. It will be definitely the biggest market, and that is why so many international companies have been closely observing the situation lately.