5 Dazzling Hot

A splendid game proposal!

Amusnet Interactive presents another classic video slot. This game is more than hot, it is dazzling hot! So, turn up the heat of these juicy fruits and reveal the sparkling light on every spin.

Hit the reels and enjoy 5 Dazzling Hot.


  • Reels
    Reels: 5
  • Reels
    Reels position: 3
  • Pay Lines
    Paylines 5 Fixed
  • RTP
    RTP: 95.74%
  • Volatility
    Volatility: 2
  • Max win
    Max win: 5000 x bet per line
  • Bonus Games
    Bonus game: Jackpot Cards
  • Features
    Features: Multi-denomination, Gamble and Autoplay
  • Available For
    Available for: Desktop, Mobile
  • Game Resolution
    Game resolution: 1280x720