27 Dice

Simple and fresh!

This video slot is ready to delight everyone from newbies to the most experienced players. A classically themed video slot that scatters freshness with its light and smooth design. Our Dice slots are unique games, primarily based on video slots, but the main symbols are replaced with dice.

Dive in the winning mixture of 27 Dice.

  • Reels
    Reels: 3
  • Reels
    Reels position: 3
  • Pay Lines
    Ways Pay 27
  • RTP
    RTP: 95.96%
  • Volatility
    Volatility: 2
  • Bonus Games
    Bonus game: Jackpot Cards
  • Features
    Features: Multi-denomination, Gamble and Autoplay
  • Available For
    Available for: Desktop, Mobile
  • Game Resolution
    Game resolution: 1280x720